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XD(M) Full Frame Disassembly

XDm Full Frame Disassembly
* Used with the courteous permission of XDTalk member Zetsumei

So, I got my XDm 9mm yesterday and I had to tear it apart to see how this baby ticks and what makes it different than the good old XD. I decided to disassemble the entire frame and immediately came acrossed some differences with the XDm. I hopped online to find some answers and advice about disassembling the frame on the XDm and couldn't find any. So I began fooling around and figured out how to completely disassemble my XDm. Along the way I took over 100 pictures (literally) to make sure I could fix anything I messed up. So I'm all done, and my XDm still appears to function properly. I have been leeching off this great website for months and months, so I decided to give somthing back, share my discoveries, tragedies and experience with you all.

XDm 9mm Disassembly
(I don't imagine that the XDm .40 will be any different, but let us know if you find any!)

There are only a few differences with the XDm from the original XD, so here is a link to the very comprehensive disassembly guide for the XD that taught me everything I know:

Springfield Armory XD and HS2000.com

I will cover the entire frame disassembly for those of you who have not owned/disassembled an XD before, but please refer to the above link for even more comprehensive photos and instructions.

Tools needed:

Punches, 1/16, 1/8, 3/16.
Small hammer
Tweezers came in handy
Safety Glasses

Field Strip your weapon.

The 1st issue I ran into is that the disassembly lever no longer runs through the entire frame. How the heck am I going to push the disassembly lever out?

Here's how:

Turn the disassembly lever about 45 degrees to the LEFT or pointing at about 10 o'clock. You will know you are at the correct angle just after you hear a "click". Gently pull the disassembly lever out a bit. It will come free and then you simply need to twist it as you navigate it past the slide stop lever spring and pull it clear of the frame.

Next, remove the locking block. Using the 3/16 punch first remove the two pins holding in the locking block.

Then gently lift the locking block up out of the frame.

It should now be easy to remove the slide stop, Trigger assembly and... look at that another new piece! (I do not know the official name of this piece, but as far as I can tell, it acts as a safety so that when you field strip the firearm you no longer need to pull the trigger to free the slide.)

Here's what you should have so far:

Now, there are some new components in the rear frame as well. I removed these with the intention of polishing the sear components to hopefully slightly lighten/smooth the trigger pull, as I did this my XD .45. IT APPEARS TO ME THAT THE SEAR COMPONENTS HAVE A VERY DURABLE AND HIGHER QUALITY FINISH THAN THE REGULAR XD. I began using mothers polish on a few of the pieces and... they don't seem polishable, unless you feel like removing the finish that is on them, and I don't.

Now, you have your reasons for wanting to disassemble things, but I highly recommend staying out of here. Every thing comes apart fine, but getting everything back together isn't very much fun.

Please take notice at this time that there is a new sear spring(s) now. Pay close attention to how the 2 sear springs are wrapped around each other and how the new spring wraps up and over the safety lever.

Using a small punch or screwdriver move the smaller, front sear pin out of the way. It's not necessary to take this pin clear out of the frame, just give your self room to work.

Now use the 1/8 punch to remove the sear pin CAREFULLY

I try to get the punch clear through.

Carefully pull the punch out an be sure to watch where the sear springs drop. Remove the sear assembly and you should have a pile of parts like this:

safety lever, sear spring, sear and ejector.

Alright, all we have left is the grip safety, oh, and another new part. Again, I do not know the proper anatomical term for this piece but I am thinking that it is part of the safety system that allows you to field strip without pulling the trigger.

At this point I HIGHLY advise you to stop here. Reassembling the grip safety with this new part and its spring was very difficult.

The new bits

Grip safety assembly from 2 angles

If you choose to remove these use the 1/8 punch again. THE GRIP SAFETY SPRING IS UNDER TENSION AND CAN POP OUT AND FLY ACROSS THE ROOM!!! Remove this carefully.

Here are a few photos of how the spring fits into the grip safety:

Also notice that the pin that holds the grip safety in place has a groove in it and this grove is off center. This must be reinstalled properly or your grip safety will not work.

If the front of the slide is facing you as you insert this pin the grove needs to be on the right side of the frame.

Magazine Release Removal Instructions:
There are no photos of this because I'm not messing with it! I have had the mag release out on my XD.45 twice and it is such a pain in the @$$ to do I'm not going to mess with it on my XDm(yet)

Now, look at the frame with it pointing at you. I recommend driving the pin holding the mag release from the left out of the right --------->
I also recommend a mess of oil! On my XD .45 this pin is tight and as soon and you clear the pin from one side of the frame, the mag release spring starts pushing the pin, so it is no longer straight with the hole in the opposite side of the frame.

Once you get the pin out, everything will fall free and you can pull the mag release out of the frame. Before you do this, I recommend taking some pictures of your own, to help guide you during reassembly.

Reassembly Instructions

Read this post again backwards and put everything back in!

Reassembly is not too bad the only parts I'm going to hit on are the Grip Safety and the Magazine release but please post up any questions you may have or be struggling with.

Grip safety:

On the XDm, this really gave me alot of trouble during reassembly. I recommend putting the Grip Safety and spring together, and putting the it back into the frame without the new "disassembly safety" and its spring out all together. Lots of OIL! The spring in the grip release is not round on the right side, and getting your pin past it can be pretty though. Also remember that the pin has a notch in it that is off center. The straight part of the spring lines up with the groove if you have reassembled this correctly.

Once I finally accomplished this, I very slowly and carefully taped the pin back out just enough that I could set the "
disassembly safety spring" on the pin, and then the "disassembly safety"

Mag Release:

You will need a "slave pin" or an extra punch, to basically assemble the mag release, and then you put the pin back into the frame as you simultaneously push the slave pin out. GOOD LUCK