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XD Extended Slide Stop Installation Guide

Agalindo's Extended Slide Stop Install Guide

(Courtesy of long time XDTalk member Agalindo)

XDGuys Extended Slide Stop Install Guide/Review
I got home yesterday evening and found that I had received my XDGuys extended slide stop. I took it out of the bag to give it a good look and here are some of the things I noticed. It has a very nice black finish, it also seems to be a very rugged finish which didn’t suffer any noticeable scratches from my constant installations and removals. The workmanship is top notch with no rough edges or tool marks.

I decided to install it on my 9mm tactical so I can go try it out this weekend when we get together to shoot steel. After installing it and playing with it for a while I realized how much of a difference it is to push the slide stop up and down. I’m really impressed with it and will soon order another one for my .40 service.

After this weekend I’ll add a range report from my Saturday trip to shoot steel.

I’ve also written a step by step install for anybody who is not familiar with removing the slide top. Tools consisted of my small hammer and a punch. Some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy and I will be retaking them as soon as I can.

Step 1. Remove the slide from the frame. Follow normal field strip instructions in your Springfield manual.

Step 2. Once the slide is off you will have the frame as pictured below. Notice the OEM slide stop “A”, it’s low to the frame. Right above the trigger you’ll have a pin “B”. This is the pin you will be pushing out. Note: you do not have to remove the pin just push it out enough to allow the slide stop to come out.

Step 3. Picture 1. Using the small hammer and punch push out the pin “B” about ¼ of an inch. There is very little resistance so you don’t have to hit them very hard. I sometimes use a screwdriver to hit the punch.

Picture 2 shows you how much the pin “B” will stick out of the opposite side. Notice the slide top “C” now follow the slide top to where the middle arrow is. The arrow points to a spring “D” that holds the slide stop in place and gives it that downward tension. Notice how the slide top is under the spring. When you replace the OEM slide top with the new XDGuys slide stop you will have to make sure that the new slide top goes under the spring.

Step 4 . Remove the old slide stop by pulling slightly back and upward. It should come out easily if it doesn’t you will push out the pin “B” a bit further out and try again. Once the slide top is out notice the spring “D”, it has moved down a bit since the slide stop is not pushing up on it, remember that you will have to put the new slide stop under that spring.

Step 5. Insert the new XDGuys slide stop under the spring while holding the opposite end at an upward angle and while pushing towards the front of the frame. Inserting the new slide stop should not take too much pressure. Once the slide stop is in it should have a slight downward tension and if slightly pushed up it will come down by itself and you should notice a slight downward tension.

Step6. Drive the pin back in from the side that sticking out start off by pushing it with you hand then use the punch to push int until it’s clicks into place. Use the other identical pin on the far side of the take down leaver as a reference. You might have to use the punch as a guide to start the pin moving in. Insert the punch into the side you drove the pin out and then push the protruding pin in from the opposite side allowing the punch to freely move out.

A note for all us lefties. Since I use my index finger to drop the slide I find the extended slide stop very handy and much easier to use than the OEM slide stop.